How do the mighty fall? When it comes to television, it’s a combination of factors. Some television series — likeBreaking Bad and The Wire — managed to keep momentum going throughout their entire run. But many, if not most, become harder and harder to watch as the years drag on.

Sometimes, it’s a slow decline. Other times, series completely go off the rails, seemingly without warning. Crazy plot lines. A lack of originality. Characters that are killed off too soon — or not soon enough. All of these things can make a once-buzzed about series fall out of fans’ good graces. And while TV fans are notoriously devout when they find a show they like, even the most ardent fans will eventually give up on a series if its show runners make too many missteps. Here are five current TV series that went from “can’t miss” to “can’t watch.”

1. True Detective

Rachel McAdams and Colin Firth in season two of 'True Detective'

True Detective | Source: HBO